Introducing Flip

We’ve got big news from FlipFest: Our new name and big updates coming soon!

Published June 28, 2022


We've got exciting news and updates from FlipFest 2022. During the event, we shared inspiring stories of how people are using Flipgrid in and out of the classroom, game-changing updates inspired by you, our amazing community, and announcements about what's to come.  


The best part of the evening was celebrating our journey with you. You've inspired us every day of the last ten years. It's because of you we're here today, and we cannot wait to see how far we'll go together. 

New Name. Same Us.

Flipgrid is now Flip! We have a new name, a new look, and even a new mascot, Smubble, but we’re still the same product you know and love. Why the change? Over the past decade, you took the technology we built and made it something more than we ever imagined. Your innovation and creativity inspired us to make our video discussion tool better than ever. Flip is for the classroom, your home, and wherever you want to take it because learning happens everywhere.


Most importantly, Flip is the same safe, inclusive, accessible, free app.

Flip is safe, and we’re working hard every day to stay that way.

–Deb McFadden
Principal Head of Trust & Safety

Got questions?

Find out more about what this means in our Help Center.

Upcoming Features and Fun Ways to Use Flip

We're thrilled to share what our product team is preparing to release in the coming months. Inspired by you, these features and updates will make using Flip more accessible, easier to navigate, and kick your imagination into high gear. 

Simpler Web Experience

We’re simplifying your Flip experience on the Web! You'll no longer need to switch between your lead and member views. Now, with our clean new layout, you can manage your Flip groups, topics, and member activity all in a single place. Plus, you can now choose between light and dark modes!


Global Search – Want to find that topic your students loved last year? Soon, you'll be able to search across all your groups and topics and even filter based on content type. 


Custom Group Links – Customize your group link (which doubles as your join code) to make it more memorable and easy to share. 


Edit Captions – You'll soon be able to watch videos and edit the captions side by side. Members can also safely edit captions with automatic moderation.   


Group Templates – We’re adding group templates that make it easier to kick off groups of all kinds from the classroom and beyond, like groups for hobbies or celebrations.


Group Feed – The new group feed will show you all the latest and greatest from your group in a reel format without having to click into a topic, coming soon to mobile too! 


Home Feed  – The home feed will show you what’s happening across all your groups. And, if you see a topic you’re particularly interested in, you can dive in and see other responses.


Video Playback – Want to see topics and comments right next to your video? OK! Playback will soon have easy-to-access arrow keys to help you jump quickly to your next video with a better view, including topics and comments within view.   


Topics & Members Tabs – The new topics tab will show all of your topics in a single view. The members tab will allow you to manage all your members in one place and see others in groups you’ve joined. 


Post to Group – We know not everything is a topic or assignment. Sometimes you just want to share a moment or a new thought. You’ll soon be able to do that!

New Camera and Camera Expressions

The all-new Flip camera will bring your effects and tools to the forefront. Camera effects will be easier to find and toggle between, and the simpler, more modern design will make telling your story and expressing your ideas a seamless experience. 


LIVE NOW: The all-new Flip camera is live! Our new design brings your effects and tools to the forefront. Camera effects will be easier to find and toggle between, and the simpler, more modern design will make telling your story and expressing your ideas a seamless experience.


LIVE NOW: Video Backdrops (Now in camera!) – Last year, we introduced the ability to add video backdrops to your videos. Now, we're giving you a whole library of fun videos to choose from, right in the camera.


LIVE NOW: ASL Learning Lens (Now in camera!) – This lens will teach the basics of American Sign Language (ASL), tracking your hand movements as you learn each letter of the alphabet. It's the first in a series of Learning Lenses we're building to help you and your students learn new things with the help of the Flip camera. 


Create Mode – You don't always have to be in a video to share your ideas. The Flip camera will have a new mode selector so you can choose other options like photos.   


Smart Stickers – Smart Stickers, powered by Bing, will make it easy to "sticker" your video with credible, contextual information about a topic in your video.  


Audio Visualizations – The mic-only mode will have the option to add audio visualizations, with cool soundwave visuals that track your voice as you record. 

Flip en Español

We’re so grateful for our growing Spanish-language community. That’s why we’re excited to share Flip will soon be available in Spanish on our mobile app and in many more languages next year!


Keep an eye out for release announcements in email and our social channels for more news and information. 

Watch What Happened

Miss the show? Re-watch it anywhere, anytime, on-demand now.


Includes ASL translations. Also available with Spanish, French, and Japanese sign translations.

Join us for Upcoming Flip Events

Our Flipgrid Live Events are now Flip Events. Still recorded live. Still on-demand. Still FREE!


Over the past year, over 1.2 million learners in 130 countries and every US sate tuned in to hear from special guests and experts in their field. From Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, to the creator of International Dot Day, Peter H. Reynolds, world-class scientists, activists, and more have shared their experiences and stories to help you and your community connect and grow together. 


Now, with our new name comes updates to our Flipgrid Live Event series, now called Flip Events. These unique, immersive learning events are FREE for educators, their students, families, and anyone who wants to engage, learn, and get inspired. All our events can be found on our website, where you can register for upcoming dates or watch recorded events anytime, anywhere. 


We look forward to having you join us! Here’s a peek at what’s coming up:


  • 2022 NBA Champion Stephen Curry 
  • Jason Reynolds: American author and poet of young-adult and middle-grade books 
  • American actor and filmmaker, Justin Baldoni 
  • Todd Parr: American author, illustrator, and television producer, best known for his book Be Who You Are


Check out our full schedule today. (We update our schedule monthly. Check back for the latest lineup.)

Thank You!

Thank you for being a part of this Flip community. These updates are inspired by you, as they always have been. We cannot wait to see where you take Flip into the future.