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Share.Discover.Be You.

Flip is a video discussion app, free from Microsoft, where curious minds connect in safe, small groups to share videos, build community, and learn together.

More than 7 billion videos created or shared on Flip in 190 countries around the world.

Flip is Social Learning

Flip is a place where learning happens anywhere, anytime, through video discussions. Families, friends, and creators of all kinds are using Flip to learn, connect, and explore.

We’re for Everyone


Give students a platform to share their voice and creativity with confidence while connecting with their peers.


Build a secure online community for your club or organization to strengthen communication, plan events, share milestones, engage donors, and so much more.

Community Builders

Whether you’re a family, a small business owner, or looking to connect through hobbies and interests, Flip can help you share your greatest moments and your story with the people you know.

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