A safe space for student expression and creativity

Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a free web and mobile app from Microsoft where educators create safe, online groups for students to express their ideas asynchronously in short video, text, and audio messages.

Get started in minutes!

Create a group and invite students

You control who is invited to become students of your group and what they can see.

Post a topic

Topics are text or video instructions to prompt your students to respond.

Watch the magic

Comment on students’ video, text or audio messages or invite peers to build on their ideas.

What's new on Flip

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Introducing new Flip features to save you time and help your students thrive!

Safe and Google Verified

Learn how to enable Flip in your Google Classroom.

84% of Flip educators say their students were more engaged after using the app.

Express yourself on Flip!

We express ourselves in different ways. On Flip, you can use our simple and fun built-in camera to record your thoughts, add effects and share within your Flip group as video, audio only or text in your web browser or mobile app.

We’re for Everyone


Give students a platform to share their voice and creativity with confidence while connecting with their peers.


Build a secure online community for your club or organization to strengthen communication, plan events, share milestones, engage donors, and so much more.

Community Builders

Whether you’re a family, a small business owner, or looking to connect through hobbies and interests, Flip can help you share your greatest moments and your story with the people you know.

Free, Fun and Entertaining Content Just for You!

Cultivate young leaders and spark creativity with our free Flip Events and topics from our partners.

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