How Flip Works

Create your first safe and secure group

Start a group and invite anyone you like. If you are an educator, you can even upload your Google classroom roster to make this step quick and easy. Find out more information about getting started by viewing the resources on our Educator Toolkit page.


  • Build classroom or study groups to help students express their ideas and learn from one another 
  • Share pregnancies, birthdays, graduations, engagements and everyday fun with your closest family and friends 
  • Create a safe place for peer-to-peer support group discussions 


Share a topic and discuss, whenever you like

Post a topic to your group to begin learning and sharing together! 


  • Host book clubs with anyone around the world
  • Build more personal connections with remote employees 
  • Learn a new language with video coaching and feedback

Create and share anywhere, anytime

Not ready to lead a group? Totally cool. You can still create all the videos you want. Just click on the camera button to instantly start making as many videos as you like and share anywhere online from your My videos page


  • Add a video to your resume to stand out 
  • Create simple tutorials and instructions 
  • Share your personal, small business or organization’s story 

Ready to Flip?