Black History Resources for Educators and Families

Updated January 26, 2022


For many students—and educators—the end of February signals the end of learning about Black history. However, with ample resources that honor and celebrate African Americans' contributions, both students and educators can continue to learn about Black excellence all year. 


Flipgrid strongly believes in fostering learning environments both in and out of classroom settings where respect and acknowledgment of Black achievement are demonstrated every day, year-round. 


Our Educator Innovation Leads have curated resources across a wide variety of subjects, ages, and education grade levels. We hope they’ll help educators and students deepen their understanding of Black history and the significant role African Americans have had in America's history.

Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Beyond February

It all starts with intention-setting. By making a genuine effort to engage with Black voices and perspectives, you help bring about meaningful discussions and actions that make education equitable for all learners. 


These thought leaders in education use their Twitter pages to offer insight into practical ways educators can integrate Black history into culturally responsive classrooms. Follow the links below to learn more:  


Unique Black History Project Ideas

If you're looking for activities where students can collaborate in-person or while learning remotely, check out this website that offers lots of ideas for Black History projects. Younger students, and those who enjoy self-paced activities, can learn about influential Black History makers through doodling, illustrating books, and other art forms.

Black History Makers in the 21st Century

The truth is, the more we know about our past, the more we can understand and develop productive ways to connect, celebrate, and empower each other. Get to know these 23 Black leaders currently shaping history.

How Can Educators Simplify Black History Month Lesson Plans?

Flipgrid is always here to support your teaching of Black History today and throughout the school year. Bookmark our Celebrate Black History Collection in the Discovery Library to access it any time.  


Education thought leader and trusted Flipgrid contributor, Yaritza Villalba, has compiled an impressive collection of more than 40 lessons to help educators integrate social-emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching into their curriculums.


Our special guest, voting rights activist, author, and politcal leader, Stacey Abrams reminds us what we can accomplish with kindness and determination. Watch the video. 

Black History Topics that Inspire Meaningful Conversation and Action

As educators prepare lesson plans for Black History Month and beyond, we encourage you to seek out these Black leaders who have ignited conversations and actions.


Olympic and World Championship gymnast, Simone Biles; Nobel Prize Winner and author, Toni Morrison; 44th U.S. President Barack Obama; Vogue Creative Director, Andre Leon Talley; Harvard Professor Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D., whose work was the first to demonstrate discrimination in online algorithms, and George Perry Floyd Jr., an African American man whose legacy inspired a world-movement against racial inequality, all help us challenge our assumptions. Live bravely. And do our part to build thriving, connected communities.  


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