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Published August 21, 2023
Last updated September 1, 2023


One of the most amazing things about using Flip is the inspiring, innovative and empowering educators in more than 190 countries around the world who make up the Flip community! That’s why each month, we spotlight and celebrate one the many outstanding teachers who use Flip and their great ideas!


This month, we talked to veteran educator Alfredo Silva who shares how Flip’s recent updates have made it his go-to tool for his high school students. Silva talks about his ah-ha moment when he used Flip to reinvigorate his annual Back to School night. Instead of a room of tired parents just getting off work, he gave parents an opportunity to ask him questions and share with him on Flip on their own time. The responses were more than he ever expected, and helped him start his school year with a much deeper understanding of both his students and their families.  

In July, we spent time with Melisa Hayes, a 2nd grade teacher from Ohio, who shared with us how excited she is to see her students thriving with modern teaching tools like Flip and even AI – technology she wishes was available when she was a student herself! 


During our interview, Melissa also shared a fun Back to School idea for Flip educators. She asks parents to secretly record a video to welcome their child to the first day of school, and loves watching her students light up when they received their surprise video message in the classroom.