A Grid for Every Community

In addition to making Flipgrid totally free, we listened to your feedback and spent the summer working on a bunch of magical updates!


Wondering what Grid community type is best for you and your students? Let's breakdown each community type to find the best one for your classroom!

School Email Domain

If students have school Microsoft or Google accounts (check with your IT team, as most student do even if it doesn't appear so!), this is the easiest setup. Just add your school domain and you're ready to go! Securing your Grid is as simple as copy/pasting everything after the @ symbol in your school email. You can add multiple domains for teachers and students, and your #GridPals can add their own domains! 


Student ID List

If you're working with younger students without school accounts, Student ID List is made for you! Create a list of students and their unique identifiers. The identifiers can by anything you want - their first name, ID #, lunch pin, or emails. You'll also get a QR code for each student. They can tape them to their desk or notebook for easy access and easily hop into the Grid and add their voice by scanning their unique code on Flipgrid.


Additionally, Student ID List is perfect if you want to connect with a specific community outside the classroom! Add an identifier for family members, authors, or other experts so they can easily access the Grid community and join your students in the conversation!

PLC and Public

If you're looking to amplify a global community, PLC and Public makes sharing easy! Students must be 13+ in the US (some countries require 16+) or, for younger learners, have parental permission. Anyone with your Flip Code can check out the amazing videos from your community. To record videos, participants will need a Microsoft or Google account (school or personal).


Awesome examples of PLC and Public Grids include...


  • GridPals - depending on the age, School Email Domain or Student ID List will work great. Check out the #GridPals Guide by Bonnie McClelland for more help!

  • Book Sharing - if you're sharing with students in your school, the School Email Domain community makes it easy to connect! If you're looking to share globally, PLC/Public will be the best option but make sure students are of age or have parental permission to share.

  • Author and Expert Q&As - Student ID List is perfect for bringing in others to your community! Add an identifier for your guest so they can post videos - simply use their FirstLastName as the identifier so they don't have to remember anything!

  • Family Sharing - Student ID List is again the best choice here. Create a Grid specifically for familes, duplicate Topics or videos from your private class Grid when you want to share with families. Also, stay tuned for additional features making it easier to bring families into the classroom!


Any questions/ideas/feedback? Give us a tweet @Flipgrid or email support@flipgrid.com anytime! We are always here to help!