2017 Flipgrid Product Updates

Editor's Note: As of June 18, 2018, all of Flipgrid (formally our premium "Flipgrid Classroom") is free! Check out the details over here!

We are pretty lucky. The Flipgrid community is made up of innovative and inspiring educators who help us make Flipgrid better every day. We’re listening... and have built the all-new Flipgrid specifically for you, your students, their families, and your communities. 


Here is a livestream archive of our rocking launch event on 8.10.17 at Flipgrid HQ in Minneapolis!

We have three objectives with this update:


  1. Empower you with more capabilities to make the perfect environment for your students.
  2. Simplify the management of your Flipgrid discussions.
  3. Keep Flipgrid familiar for you and your students.


So what’s new?


Well, pretty much everything! We redesigned Flipgrid to add power and increase efficiency, all without sacrificing simplicity. 


We built the all-new Flipgrid for the amazing #FlipgridFever community and we’ve only just begun. When you have ideas for us, don’t be a stranger: hello@flipgrid.com

The All-New Flipgrid: For You

You asked for new Flipgrid capabilities. We wanted to make it even easier for you to encourage, engage, and give feedback to your students. So, we did both. More capability. Less effort. What’s not to love?


Sparking a discussion

Topics are now more powerful than ever. Record and upload video prompts. Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Upload an image for your students to discuss. Or, add a little fun with a GIF or emoji!

You can also now add links or document attachments to provide extra context.

Let students take the lead and recognize their impact by Sparking a student response into its own topic. 


Bonus Updates: 


  • Scaffold your semester in advance by setting the date when your topic becomes visible and when they freeze.
  • Challenge your students to be concise with 15 second video limits. Classroom users can tackle more complex topics with the new 5 minute video response limit.


Managing your content

We’ve redesigned the Flipgrid Teacher Admin and Dashboard. Your Dashboard is now the place for you to see your students’ activity at-a-glance, quickly catch up on unviewed videos, and show off all your achievements!

Watching videos from within your Teacher Admin is also easier than ever with QuickView. Provide feedback, watch replies, share, and navigate between videos with a single click. 

Speaking of feedback and assessment: we’ve made standard feedback available to ALL Flipgrid educators while Classroom accounts now have the ability to add custom rubrics!


Sharing with community

We’ve made it easier than ever to share your grids, topics, and responses as well as manage their visibility, right from the main view in your Teacher Admin.

Want to share a student’s video with his/her family without providing access to other students’ videos? Use a private share link. Recipients can download the video, view the topic prompt, and share it with anyone they want, all without sacrificing the privacy of your class discussion!

Moderation allows you to privately review a video before it is posted. We moved moderation from the Grid to Topic level, so you can have both moderated and unmoderated content within every Flipgrid community.

The All-New Flipgrid: For Your Community

We’ve made Flipgrid more powerful and fun for your learning community without sacrificing your control.


Sharing their voice

Students can now add a title with searchable hashtags to their video response, add a link to an article, website, PDF, etc, or express their creativity by adding stickers and drawing on their selfie!


Learning together

Use an expanded set of Reactions including several new emojis, from the standard Flipgrid Like to the Ambassador-requested Mic Drop!


Bonus: Access Grids using QR codes. Flipgrid mobile apps now have a built in QR reader, making it easier than ever for students to participate.

The All-New Flipgrid: Integrations

Flipgrid works great on its own, and now brings amplified student voice to your Microsoft and Canvas classes too. 




  • Embed fully-functional Grids and Topics into MS Teams
  • Allow students to showcase all their work by embedding Flipgrid Responses in OneNote.
  • Educators can also embed Grid and Topic cards for a quick and easy reference to Flipgrid from OneNote!




  • Control access to your Grids and Topics through your Canvas student roster.
  • Assign Flipgrid participation within Canvas.
  • Coming soon: SpeedGrader integration and custom Flipgrid editor buttons for Canvas pages, discussions, and announcements.


The All-New Flipgrid: Better Together

The all-new Flipgrid was built to reflect the goals of our amazing global educator community. This is just the beginning. Thank you for your support, advice, and friendship.


-Team Flipgrid