Learn How to Use FlipgridAR

The following post was written by Kayla Engle, your Flipgrid Summer Experience Protege!

FlipgridAR is now available to any educator that uses Flipgrid! Transform family nights, homework, school events, book reviews, Science Fairs, student art galleries, language classrooms, the entire school, ANYWHERE by “sticking” student voice EVERYWHERE with FlipgridAR codes.


What is FlipgridAR?


AR stands for augmented reality, or the ability to “place” virtual elements in the physical world. With FlipgridAR, you can “stick” any Flipgrid video wherever you want by printing the video’s QR code and then scanning the QR code with the Flipgrid mobile app.


Here are three ways you can use FlipgridAR today, including step by step instructions.

Why FlipgridAR?


Imagine this: families visiting your school wander the hallways filled with your students’ incredible projects. By adding a Flipgrid QR code to each project, guests can hear the stories, processes, and decisions behind each masterpiece.


All your community needs to do is launch the Flipgrid mobile app and tap the QR scanner! If they do not have the Flipgrid app on their phone, they can use their phone’s camera to scan the QR code and view their student’s video in a web browser.

How do you create FlipgridAR videos?


All you need to do to create a FlipgridAR experience is download the QR code from any Flipgrid video and place in your learning environment. To do so:


  1. Log in to your Educator Admin.
  2. Navigate to the Topic with the video(s) you want to stick in your learning environment.
  3. Download all the video QR codes by tapping the “Print Response QR Codes” button or download individual QR codes by tapping the “Share” button next to the video.
  4. Tape the QR codes wherever you want to showcase #StudentVoice.
  5. To view in AR, scan the QR code with the Flipgrid Android or iOS app.


Check out this overview from Brian Romero Smith:

We can’t wait to hear how you’ll use FlipgridAR. For non-stop ideas, search #FlipgridAR on Twitter. And please share your stories with us by tagging @Flipgrid!