You Asked, We Listened: January, 2020

Every Flipgrid update is sparked from ideas shared by educators in the #FlipgridFever community. We are proud to announce SIX updates based on your amazing ideas and feedback!

Edit Captions

On August 1st we added closed captions to every Flipgrid video. But sometimes automated transcriptions need a bit of human assistance.


Now you can edit the captions on any Flipgrid video! Simply log in to your Flipgrid Educator Admin, navigate to a video, and click the Actions drop-down to edit that video’s captions! This is just one of several accessibility updates we’ll announce throughout 2020!


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Community Builder Badges

We know that many of you share Flipgrid with your peers at PD events, conferences, EdCamps, and in the break room. We are so grateful for you!


Today we unveiled a new set of badges to recognize your amazing support of the Flipgrid educator community. Unlock Community Builder badges when your educator peers sign up for Flipgrid using your unique Community Builder Code throughout 2020.


To find and share your code, go to your Profile in your Flipgrid Educator Admin. Thank you for sharing Flipgrid and helping your peers empower every voice!

New Camera Design

The Flipgrid camera has been updated to make it easier than ever for your learners to use images, inking, whiteboard, and all the Flipgrid camera features they know and love as they share their voice.

Immersive Reader Everywhere

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader helps learners read and comprehend text in Flipgrid. Over the past two months we have added the Immersive Reader to several areas of Flipgrid, including student Feedback and your Educator Admin!


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Updates to Flipgrid AR

Flipgrid AR is a magical way to “stick” your students’ Flipgrid videos anywhere in your physical environment. Now Flipgrid AR videos load faster and are more accessible. Search #FlipgridAR on Twitter for 1,000s of ideas!


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Supercharged Replies

Student-to-student Replies in Flipgrid are better than ever! Now when your learners reply to their peers’ videos they can add Titles and Attachments. And you as the educator can leave Feedback, just like you can on all Flipgrid Responses.


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Thank you for your ideas and feedback. We are always working to make Flipgrid even better for you and your learners! For a full list of Flipgrid updates, check out the Product Updates page on our blog. And if you want to share these updates with your peers, please share this tweet and stay in touch. We love to hear from you!


Team Flipgrid