You Asked, We Listened: March, 2020

Every Flipgrid update is sparked from ideas shared by educators in the #FlipgridFever community. We are proud to announce FIVE updates based on your amazing ideas and feedback!

1. Audio Over Flipgrid Videos

How about a little bit of  music to bring your Flipgrid video to life? Now you can play music from your phone while recording a Flipgrid video on our iOS and Android apps!


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2. All Emojis for Topic Focus

Who doesn’t love emojis?! You can now access the full emoji library AND our Flipgrid custom stickers when choosing your Topic focus!


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3. Create and Share MixTapes

Check the box next to any Flipgrid video across your Grids to easily add them to a view-only, shareable MixTape!


This update is perfect for student portfolios, semester highlights, family night memories and so much more!


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4. #BetterTogether with Buncee

Flipgrid has teamed up with Buncee to make your Flipgrid Topics better than ever. Now you can select Buncee creations as your Topic Focus!


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5. Grid Notifications

At Flipgrid, we want to keep your email inbox clean and tidy! To avoid any overflow of email notifications, you can now choose your Grid notifications to be either weekly or daily!

BONUS: AppSmash Madness!

All of March we’re celebrating the amazing ways you combine Flipgrid with other EdTech products to engage your learners and innovate in your classroom.


Join the fun!

Thank you for your ideas and feedback. We are always working to make Flipgrid even better for you and your learners! For a full list of Flipgrid updates, check out the Product Updates page on our blog. And if you want to share these updates with your peers, please share this tweet and stay in touch. We love to hear from you!


Team Flipgrid