How to Turn On and Use the Text Comments Feature in Flipgrid

Thanks to your feedback, we are excited to release text comments! And, to ensure your Flipgrid discussions remain inclusive, you’ll find Immersive Reader on text comments, too.


As an educator, you are in control of the discussion features. By default, all new Topics will have Text Comments enabled (you can edit this anytime in default Topic settings) and you can enable text comments on all existing Topics. To help ensure a supportive learning environment, all text comments will also be automatically reviewed and learners will be encouraged to revise potentially insensitive text before posting. You can also activate Moderation: Learn more about text comments in the Help Center!


Starting today, your students can add public comments. (Private comments are coming soon!)


Your Educator Innovation Leads have identified a few key ideas for your first discussion with Text Comments:


  • Celebrations and Support: In addition to watching videos from peers, have your learners share a note of praise on their classmate’s videos.

  • Peer Feedback: Note specific questions that learners should keep in mind when watching videos from peers and have them comment their structured feedback.

  • Extending Ideas: After sharing their video, have students review their work and then comment any ideas that came to mind after submitting the creation.

  • Asking Questions: Have students reply to a peer with a question for the original author to consider.

  • Quote Analysis: Spark exploration by having students create and share an original quote video and then have peers reply with an analysis of the expression.

  • Connections, Insights, and Inspirations: In addition to creating video comments, encourage students to provide quick text notes - brain zings! - on their peers’ videos!