Introducing Topic Copilot, your AI‑powered classroom helper

Published April 3, 2023


OpenAI and ChatGPT have been hot topics lately, and for good reason! Recent advances in this technology are creating exciting new opportunities across many industries. In the classroom, AI can be a huge time saver and a tool to gather information quickly and effectively, but it can also understandably raise some questions. Like any technology, AI presents both benefits and risks, and it should be implemented in a responsible way. 


At Flip, serving our community and our mission to make learning fun and empowering for all is at the heart of every decision we make. So we asked ourselves, “how can this technology help our Flip community save time and enrich the learning process?”


Introducing Topic Copilot, a new AI-powered* feature in Flip that can save you time by providing a list of topic suggestions for your classroom in seconds.

Just enter a list of keywords, and Topic Copilot will generate a list of suggested topics for you...automagically! You can choose one of the topic suggestions and edit to your liking before posting or enter new keywords to generate a fresh list of ideas.

Choosing the right keywords

When you enter your keywords, you are telling the AI that powers the Topic Copilot what types of discussions you are hoping to prompt in your classroom. Here are a few tips on how to choose your keywords so you get the best list of topic suggestions:


  • Be as specific as possible. If using broad phrases like “social emotional learning” or “growth mindset”, be sure to pair them with a keyword that provides more context like “develop growth mindset working in teams”

  • It only takes a few keywords, not full sentences. Try “impressionist art reflection" rather than “Ask my students to reflect on lesson 5.2 on impressionist art.” 

  • Think about the outcomes you want from students and include those as keywords too, e.g. “self-reflection”, “critique”, or “creative problem solving”

Early reactions

Since introducing this new feature, it’s been so fun to see our community’s reaction!

To learn more about Topic Copilot, just start a new topic and click on Topic Copilot link or visit our Help Center for step-by-step instructions.


Note: Content is generated by AI and might contain inaccuracies or sensitive material. Be sure to verify information.