Fun Options to Classroom Physical Boards - Flip

If you haven’t used boards before (spoiler alert), you’re going to LOVE them!


For starters, Flipgrid boards engage learners because your face can always be visible! (No more turning around to write on a physical board!) 


And whether you start with a blank canvas, lines to write on, or a patterned background, boards can be used for almost anything and everything! They’re also customizable, so you can have them take up as much or as little of the screen as you’d like and can even change the split screen while recording! 


Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Have fun and share YOUR ideas with us on Twitter

1) Add visuals to your stories.


Bring your lessons or stories to life with a board of supporting images. Use photos, screen grabs, map illustrations, and more! 


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2) Get creative with math.


Go beyond numbers by using boards to solve word problems, practice another language while writing out long division, or work through equations with the camera’s pens and stickers. 


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3) Practice new languages.


Learners can practice their oral and writing skills at the same time with a board where they can write out what they’re saying in another language. 


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4) Flip their perspective.


Use a little creativity and have your learners imagine the camera is behind them to transform their storytelling. 


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Ready to try boards for yourself? Use one in your next topic discussion or try them out in a short!


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For more fun ways to engage your learners beyond boards, check out this Help Center article on Engaging Creativity with the Flipgrid Camera.