Book Talks with Flipgrid

Book talks are quick, creative presentations or responses to literature that inspire others to read. 


With Flipgrid, they can be done anywhere, anytime! They provide learners a choice in reading and reflecting, which also promotes fluency, comprehension, and speaking and listening skills. Guide your learner to reflect on a book then share their creation on Flipgrid!


How to Start:


  1. Read a book together.
  2. Add this Topic template from the Disco Library to your Grid.


That’s it! Now just follow the steps below with your learner.




  • Reading
  • Reflecting
  • Presenting


Do: Once you finish reading the book together, share your thoughts:


  • What did you think about the book?
  • How would you have changed the story or characters?




  • Share your Grid’s unique code or link with your learner.
  • Ask your learner to share what they learned on Flipgrid.


You did it!