Combining Screencastify and Flip

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid.

We're celebrating Appsmash Innovation Month and it's time that we discuss a perfect match that’s getting a lot of buzz… Flipgrid and Screencastify!

Screencastify is a tool that allows students and educators to personalize their learning experience through sharing their voice via a screen recording. The app is a Chrome extension, meaning the tool is always at the ready whenever you want to capture some magic!


How does it work?
Simple! In Chrome, click on the Screencastify icon, decide if you want to record your browser, desktop, or just webcam - and press record!

The camera will capture video of whatever screen desired while recording audio narration. The masterpiece is then saved into Google Drive and can be downloaded as an mp4 file.


How do these two apps work together?
With Screencastify, students can create screen recordings of whatever it is that they'd like to share - showing their thinking as they ink in a OneNote, walking through a presentation, or showing step-by-step directions.

In this example, my student was able to give his presentation without the fear that sometimes comes with standing in front of the class. Consider how this could shift time management during traditionally time-consuming class presentations.


To share Screencastify projects in Flipgrid, students will choose to import a video rather than recording a video. The process for accessing the Grid is the same, but instead of clicking on the record button, students select the three dots next to the camera and then “Add Video Clip.” They then select their Screencastify video from their camera roll and import their video into Flipgrid.

Corey Mathias (Instructional Tech TOSA and #GridGuide from California) on Appsmashing Screencastify + Flipgrid:

I love appsmashing because "It gives [students a] voice. Their response[s] become resources for the entire class instead of just living somewhere on the teacher's computer... authentic audience.


When students give presentations, it’s amazing to have them present their learning to their peers, however there is frustration with the class time it takes. Feedback is given, but students are unable to practice until the next presentation opportunity.


With Flipgrid and Screencastify, students can do a presentation "rough draft." They can then use my feedback to improve their presentation in front of the class. In addition, I can have students upload their Screencastify presentations and they become a repository for the rest of the class to use.

Dr. Michael Harvey (a STEM teacher in Malaysia and #GridGuide) on Appsmashing Screencastify + Flipgrid:

You can provide your students with creative and inspired ways to showcase their learning. Appsmashing allows more creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication of content mastery; all 21st century skills we want our students using along with integrating technology seamlessly.


Using Screencastify and Flipgrid personalizes the experience for the student, rather than a YouTube video of someone they don't know, it is someone they have a relationship with - their teacher. In terms of the difference to my teaching, it allows students to feel connected to the content and also makes me aware of how I am communicating information to them.


Michael’s advice for those just starting out: “Do not try to be too overambitious at first, just try a short simple video of say voice-over of a short power point and go from there!”.

There are countless ways to combine the magic of Screencastify and Flipgrid! Share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #FlipgridFever. And give me a shout with any questions, any time!

See you on the Grid!