Goal Setting for Success: Share, Document, Reflect, and Celebrate

The following is a resource list for our community written by Flipgrid Educator Innovation Lead Ann Kozma.

My friend Ben always says, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

That statement got me thinking about my own feedback-loop practices and how I would work with my first-grade students to set goals, reflect on their learning, work toward achieving those goals, and celebrate their learning journey along the way. This was a rewarding process for both my students and me, and I wanted to share a few ideas for empowering your students to achieve more!

Share a goal for accountability

When you share a goal publicly, you create a system of accountability so you and your students can revisit their goal multiple times throughout the year. Check out these totally rad ideas: 



Ready to help your students create and share a goal? Here are some ready-to-use Topics from the Flipgrid Discovery Library



Document growth over time

Encouraging your students to document their growth over time is one way to ensure they get into the habit of creating evidence of all their learning.  


The Flipgrid camera provides endless creative possibilities for everyone to share their learning. From a reflection video, to using the drawing tool to solve an equation, to uploading a photo as an artifact, to responding to the same prompt multiple times throughout the year, students can use Flipgrid as a portfolio. 


Year after year, Ohio educator extraordinaire Melisa Hayes uses Flipgrid to give her students the opportunity to own their own story. They share academic, personal, and social emotional learning goals... and I know they have fun in the process! 


Check out a few of her inspiring examples over the year:  

Celebrate success along the way

Learning is an adventure, but it also looks different for everyone – and that’s ok! Those aha moments –when it all clicks – happen at different times for different people. Recognizing small wins can lead to epic victories. 


From reading and writing, to PE and any area of study, sharing the journey – like fourth-grade teacher Diane Pereira and her class did through a Flipgrid response, a #FlipgridAR QR Code, or even a MixTape makes celebrating easy! 

Reflect and adjust goals as needed

In life, we know that hindsight sharpens foresight and allows us to move forward in new directions if needed. The same goes for learning.  


It’s OK to call pause, to self-assess and ask ourselves how it’s going. Call “PIVOT!” if needed and take a step in a new direction! We do this as adults—we should help our students do this, too.  


America Terrazas-Rainey recently tweeted about empowering student reflection. These simple frames are a brilliant way to help students take the time to reflect.


If you’d like some inspiration or a few ready-to-use Topics to help students with reflection, here are some great ideas:  


When we help students realize that goal setting, reflection, and a feedback loop are all part of the learning journey, we are helping them set themselves up for success.   


For more resources on goalsetting, check out this #FlipgridForAll Community Conversation on Student Success and Goal Setting. 


As always, please give us a shout if we can help you in any way as you work to empower every voice in your learning community! Please tag us @Flipgrid or use the hashtag #FlipgridForAll and let us know how you are helping your students set goals and celebrate the learning adventures along the way! 


- Ann 


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