Host a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Last month, England’s Newcastle University Medical School celebrated its first-ever online graduation ceremony, where the graduating doctors in the Class of 2020 read aloud their Hippocratic Oath on Flipgrid.  


One by one, 239 graduates recorded themselves reciting one of the oldest and most sacred declarations in medicine. In doing so, they confirmed their selfless commitment to serving our global community.


They weren’t standing among peers or professors or family members in the crowd. There weren’t caps or gowns or medallions or the creaks of the stage as ceremonial steps echoed in an auditorium. 


Undeterred, Newcastle University Medical School leaders figured out a way to celebrate their graduates, even when they could not be together physically.

These days, we find different ways to celebrate and honor the ones we love – as they marry, have babies, complete a science project or graduate from school. Those 239 medical school graduates in England weren’t expecting their years of time and effort to culminate without pomp and circumstance, but the adaptation meant that we all got to be a part of the occasion and celebrate these inspiring individuals.


Let’s take a look at ways that both schools and families can honor the graduation celebrations we’ve all been looking forward to – with personalized recognition, beautiful tribute, and hope for what’s to come.

For Schools

Memories, Plans, and More


Create a new Grid and Topic for your graduation. Then, ask a school leader, guest or Valedictorian to record a commencement speech and add the video to your Topic prompt. Finally, encourage each graduate to respond to the Topic with comments on:  



  1. Plans for the future  
  2. Favorite school year memory  
  3. Favorite tradition  



Suggested Discovery Library Topic


Class Speeches Topic


Create a Topic for student or guest speeches intended for the special day. You could also invite a special guest speaker: Considering there are no physical invitations to be extended, perhaps your school can invite someone famous or a local celebrity to record a speech for your virtual ceremony. 


Suggested Discovery Library Topic


Special Graduate Recognition


Include as a Topic Focus a slideshow presentation that shares a picture of each graduate, a list of their accomplishments as well as a verbal announcement of each name. You also could record a YouTube Live presentation, in which the principal or president of the school stands up on stage and announces each graduate and their accolades. 


Suggested Discovery Library Topic


School Community Applause


Create a Topic for faculty and staff to offer their own messages of applause and encouragement (Newcastle University also created a separate Grid that included messages of encouragement from school faculty.)


Suggested Discovery Library Topic

For Families

Flipgrid can serve as an intimate place for any remote celebration, such as a graduation party or “yearbook” – a place for family and friends to support and congratulate their graduate. Whether you’re a classroom educator or not, all you need is a Flipgrid educator account!


Well Wishes from Family and Friends


Encourage family and friends to sign your graduate’s “online guestbook” by recording video responses of well wishes in a Flipgrid you create. Include teachers or mentors to offer their encouragement as well. As a BONUS, keep this Flipgrid a surprise from your child while you receive video responses, then present on Graduation Day!  


Suggested Discovery Library Topic


Educator Appreciation Topic


Either as the PTA or a supportive family member, set up a Topic for your child and friends to create thank-you videos for their educators and school staff. The teachers deserve big accolades, too!   


Suggested Discovery Library Topic


We’re here to support you during your graduate’s special time and always! Congratulations to ALL graduates adapting and moving on to great things. Reach out anytime to our Help Center or