Solve Math Problems

With the ability to use technology to check math, Photomath is one of the most highly used math apps on the planet. In this activity, create a series of math problems for your learner to solve!  Then have your learner share on Flipgrid!


How to Start:


  1. Download the Photomath app.
  2. Add this topic template from the Disco Library to your grid.


That’s it! Now just follow the steps below with your learner.




  • Your learner will learn math, how to check their homework and how to make math fun! 




  • Create a series of math problems! Have your learner work on them.
  • Use the Photomath app to double check their progress. 




  • Share your Grid’s unique code or link with your learner.
  • Have a great math problem? Have your learner record a video response explaining how they solved the problem, solving it live while recording and using blackboard mode in Flipgrid. 


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