We Honor Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage

Celebrate the diversity of the AAPI experience through the exploration of history, identity, and allyship while building toward the future.

Watch Now! On-Demand Events Celebrating AAPI Communities

Get some facts and new perspectives on the AAPI community, explore the world of Southeast Asian mythology, and see how you can become an ally.

Watch an Inspiring AAPI Town Hall with our Flipgrid Community

We participated in a powerful discussion about current injustices happening to AAPI people, best practices for marginalized communities, how to gain new perspectives on history, and resources to encourage allyship.


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Watch a Flipgrid Live Event About Southeast Asian Mythology

We hosted the incredible Lori M. Lee, a Rick Riordan Presents author who wrote Pahua and the Soul Stealer, a middle-grade fantasy about a young Hmong girl who discovers she's a powerful shaman warrior. This is a must-see for all fantasy readers and aspiring writers. 


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The Importance of Culturally Responsive Teaching

We reached out to educators and subject-matter experts to ask how they integrate culturally responsive teaching in their classrooms, what strategies they use, and how social-emotional learning (SEL) fits into the mix.

Conversations to Drive Allyship

These popular Discovery Library topics are part of our updated Featured Collection to promote AAPI awareness titled "Celebrate Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage."

What Happens Next?

Watch basketball player Jeremy Lin in a powerful video essay on the rise of hate speech and racism against the AAPI community then discuss ways to bring an end to xenophobia.


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Lives of Chinese Child Immigrants

California State Parks shares a compelling video about the many children who immigrated to America from China but were then interrogated and separated from families while captive on Angel Island.


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Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

After being colonized for hundreds of years, South Asia is now divided into three countries. Even though the architecture is similar, the religions range from Hinduism to Buddhism to Islam to Sikhism and to Jainism.


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The Murder of Vincent Chin

In the 1980s, a Chinese American was murdered for mistakenly being identified as Japanese. This event sparked a movement fighting for the rights and proper identification of AAPI people.


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