Elephants and Conservation

with Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee

Date and time
August 25, 2022 10:00 AM PT
Suggested audience
Clubs & Organizations, All, Elementary School (ages 5-10), Librarian, Parent & Family, Other, Preschool & Kindergarten (ages 3-4), Professional, High School (ages 14-18), Higher Ed, Middle School (ages 11-13)

About this event

Elephants are highly intelligent animals that are vital to their ecosystems. They’re also an endangered species, making elephant conservation very important. Join this session to learn how Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee works to create solutions to help wild elephant herds live in their native habitat alongside human communities.


Elephant Sanctuary Flip Group

Before the event, your learners can ask an elephant expert all their elephant questions and share how they plan to help these majestic animals in this special group.  

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