Preserving Black History

Behind the scenes at The King Library and Archives

Date and time
February 22, 2023 19:00 PM PT
Suggested audience
Librarian, Other, Professional, Adult Learners, High School (ages 14-18), Middle School (ages 11-13), Higher Ed

About this event

Join Dr. Kelisha Graves and Dominique Luster on a journey of discovery through The King Library and Archives to learn about The King Center and its founder Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Both Dr. Graves and Dominique have dedicated their professional lives to ensuring marginalized voices through history, especially those of Black women, are uplifted, and their stories told. They’ll discuss their shared passion for and admiration of Mrs. King, who assembled the largest repository of artifacts from the Civil Rights Movement and was the architect of her husband's legacy, Dr. Martin Luther King.


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Dr. Kelisha B. Graves is an educator, scholar, speaker, and author. She serves as the Chief Research, Education, and Programs Officer at The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change where she oversees the strategic development, operational success, and global impact of The King Center’s research, education, and programs unit. She is also a university professor with teaching appointments in both educational leadership and the humanities.


Dominique Luster is one part archivist – one part researcher – full parts natural-haired bourbon connoisseur, with a dash of genealogy for taste. The Luster Company’s research seeks to help individuals and organizations uplift, honor, and tell stories that represent the lived experiences of diverse voices and the Black diaspora. 

Before the event

Explore The King Center Timeline here. The King Center Timeline is a collaboration between Microsoft and The King Library & Archives that consists of a curated selection of precious and noteworthy digitized artifacts that highlight The King Center’s history and continued impact.

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