DEI During the Holidays

with Flip Educator Innovation Leads

Date and time
February 08, 2023 16:00 PM PT

About this event

Holidays and how people celebrate them worldwide vary by culture, geographical location, and religious beliefs. Although there is a distinction between how and why holidays are celebrated, the one thing that remains the same is our willingness to share these experiences with others. During this 30-minute session, we'll share strategies and best practices for integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into holiday celebrations for all.


Participants will leave learning:


  • The why, how, and what of Flip for the focus or specialty area
  • How to create an inclusive space for all students during the holidays
  • Where to find resources, answers to questions, and connect with fellow educators

Share and learn from others

Join the conversation in our DEI During the Holidays group to connect with other educators and share tips for creating inclusive and engaging learning and work spaces.

On-demand video coming soon

We're getting the on-demand recording of this event ready to watch anytime, anywhere. Check back soon!