SaturdAI PartAI: Using AI to create engaging learning experiences

Join us for a fun and interactive session where you will learn how to use AI tools within Flip and Bing Chat!

Date and time
October 28, 2023 08:00 AM PT

About this event

AI is transforming the world of education, offering new possibilities for enhancing teaching and learning. In this Saturday Party (but we're calling it our SaturdAI partAI), we will play and learn about some of the latest innovations in AI-powered tools that can help you create engaging and personalized learning experiences for your students. You will have the opportunity to try out these tools yourself, see some examples of how other educators are using them, and share your feedback and questions with the Flip team. Don’t miss this chance to explore the potential of AI in the classroom with Microsoft Flip and Bing Chat!

Watch it on-demand

This event recording is now available on-demand. Watch it on our YouTube channel, where you'll find event-specific resources, links, and ways to engage learners.