5 Ways to Use Flip: Connecting with Families and Caregivers

Here's how you can Flip forConnecting
with Families
  • Family Conferences
  • Classroom Newsletters
  • Reading Journals
  • School Open House
  • Family Engagement Events
  • STEAM Nights
  • Home Learning Activities
  • Motivational Messages
  • Foundational Stories
  • Family Goal Setting
  • Student-led Conferences
  • Recipe Shares
  • Family Time Capsules
  • Extended Family Members
  • Grandparent Stories

Part 4 of a series featuring some of the many ways Flip can be used in any academic setting—from kindergarten to college. Find links to tips for PreK through grade 8, high schools, and universities below.



Published September 16, 2022


When families get involved with their student's education, everyone wins. Educators can create easy and effective ways to engage and communicate with families and caregivers on Flip using these simple tips from our in-house team of educators. Take a look. 

Classroom Newsletters for Families

Have some great news to share, or did something special happen at school? Remix communication in a meaningful way by creating a Flip video that spreads positivity to families and caregivers or showcases the events from school so they can join in the excitement. These videos can be added to a Flip topic throughout the year to collect memories that both the students and families will love.

Family Reading with Flip

Build a community centered around the love of reading with Flip. Reading every day is important, and with reading journals created on Flip, students can read with their families or caregivers and create a Flip video to reflect on their reading experiences. Whether they ask questions about ideas, events, or even words they don't understand, it allows the students to grow while allowing the teacher to help with any next steps. Students can even use effects like stickers, GIFs, and photos to illustrate their thoughts. Flip also allows the whole learning community to share what they're reading and learn from one another.  

Home Learning Activities

Involve families on Flip! Students’ first teachers are their families and caregivers. Encourage collective learning with Flip through recording home learning activities. Even simple things like cooking together and discussing the measurements and steps, going for a walk to find living and non-living things, or even discussing what it was like for the caregiver when they were the student's age, are great ways to learn and explore. You can also ask family members to record a Flip video to encourage their students or help solve problems together. Flip camera features like boards, drawing tools, and stickers could make these videos even more engaging.

STEAM Nights 

Flip is the perfect way to add extra engagement and excitement to your next STEAM night, whether in person or virtually! Students can add FlipAR codes to their physical projects to share their presentation or additional learnings. Those attending your event can simply scan the FlipAR code using the free Flip app for an amazing, immersive experience. Families or caregivers who are unable to attend can still participate by accessing the topic to view students’ videos and reply with encouragement, questions, or feedback. 

Family Conferences

Make conferences more engaging and meaningful by adding Flip into the mix! Whether your school hosts traditional or student-led conferences, learners can record a private Flip video to bring student voice into conferences. This is a great opportunity to reflect on strengths and areas needing improvement, discuss work samples, or share what they enjoy learning about most. Using the Flip camera, students can display notes via text, photos of their work, or even record a mini-lesson about something they’ve learned recently.


Families can continue to communicate important information with teachers to help students succeed, plus, you can keep messages "hidden" to ensure what families share remains private and is only visible to you as the educator. 

How Will You Flip?

We hope you found new and exciting ways to engage with families and caregivers using Flip. Check out this collection of curated Flip topics dedicated to family communications. 

Contributing Writers

Big thanks to our Head of Educator Innovation, Jornea Armant, and Flip Community Engagement Manager, Scott Titmas, for sharing their expertise and ideas for using Flip in the classroom.

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