5 Ways to Use Flip in High School

Here’s how you can Flip forHigh School
  • Book Speed Dating
  • Reflections
  • World Language Learning
  • Quote Analysis
  • Scientific Research
  • Physical Ed Training
  • Digital Concerts
  • Prove Formulas
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Final Project Showcase
  • Virtual Art Show
  • School Announcements
  • Commercials
  • Persuasive Debates
  • Peer Review
  • Process Over Product
  • Advice for New Students

Part 2 in a series featuring some of the many ways Flip can be used in any academic setting—from kindergarten to college. Find links to tips for PreK through grade 8 and universities below.  



Published August 30, 2022


Learning valuable life skills and ways to communicate effectively is a part of the high school journey. For educators, that means finding relevant, effective, and easy-to-use tools and resources like Flip that support you in and out of the classroom. We asked our in-house experts and educators to curate ways to use Flip in high school settings. Take a look.

World Language Learning

There is so much history about our world hidden in language. Flip provides a space for learners to practice and learn about languages while giving you a video artifact to watch (and rewatch), allowing you to provide individualized feedback. Through peer interviews, students can share and learn the importance of language and culture from their classmates or family members via Flip topics. Add the “Languages of the World” topic to your student Flip group. Through this topic, students will share and learn the many ways language is used to communicate effectively, form relationships, and preserve the traditions of groups of people.

Prove Formulas

An exciting way to increase student engagement in mathematics is to encourage them to share their work. Teachers can add a Flip topic to a group that instructs students to “become the teacher” and show step-by-step instructions on how they solved the problem. This activity is beneficial to students and teachers. By acting as the teacher, students can model and demonstrate their learning to their classmates, taking ownership of it while improving their presentation skills. In addition teachers can assess student understanding and build a student-centered, student-led classroom environment. 

Peer Review

One of the best ways to strengthen a piece of writing or an assignment is by having someone else review it. Students can offer each other constructive criticism via Flip videos and keep the conversation going on later drafts through comments. Teachers will also benefit from seeing the feedback students give each other to know what to review with individuals and the whole class as themes emerge. 

Persuasive Debates

Allowing different perspectives to be heard is essential to education and everyday life. You can help promote empathy and understanding of different perspectives with Flip. Have students record persuasive arguments discussing two sides of an issue or idea in a Flip video. Then, educators can review them as an assignment or share them with the class and vote on the pros and cons of the debate. 

School Announcements

Get the word out to the whole school or just your class in school announcements using Flip videos. They can cover anything from updates on the weather, school-wide events, or celebrations of student achievement. Add them to an established group or create a new one that houses Flip topics for different subjects, then share them with educators, students, and families.

How Will You Flip?

These are just some of the many ways Flip can be integrated into high school settings. We hope these ideas inspire you to engage with your students in new and creative ways. For more ideas and ready-to-use Flip topics, check out this collection from our Discovery Library. 

Contributing Writers

Big thanks to our contributing writers and educators, Educator Innovation Lead Yaritza Villalba and Flip Community Program Manager Elizabeth Schmuhl.

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