Flipgrid Product Features Explained

Earlier this summer we hung out with 1,000+ of our closest friends in Philadelphia and celebrated YOU as we announced the all-new Flipgrid! From FlipgridAR to the new Shorts Camera to Disco Library Playlists: Every improvement was created, driven, and inspired by your incredible ideas and feedback. Thank you! This is our most powerful update yet … and we launched today!

Amplify creativity with the new Flipgrid Camera!

Our shiny new Flipgrid camera maintains the quick, social feel while adding revolutionary enhancements that make creating and sharing projects, performances, reflections, introductions, reports, questions, experiments, ideas, and beyond even more magical.


  • Tell your story by creating, trimming, and rearranging unlimited video Clips. You can also upload videos from your device and record an introductory video or summary to add even more context!

  • Show your work by flipping on the new Whiteboard Mode with Live Inking.

  • Add context by overlaying photos from your camera roll, emoji, and text as Stickers on your video.

  • Apply unique video Filters to set the tone: Warm, Cool, Super Warm, Super Cool, Pixel, B+W, and Old Town - with more to come soon!

Introducing Shorts: Create here, share everywhere!

We took the brand new Flipgrid Camera your students love and created a unique experience designed just for educators. You can create enriching and compelling video stories for school, work, and life to share beyond the Grid! The all-new Shorts Camera is located right at the top of your Educator Admin. Shorts is the perfect way to introduce yourself to new students, summarize a class project for families, or simply tell your story to the community.


We’ve also made it super simple to download your Shorts video, embed the video on any website, and save it to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (coming soon). You can even create a Flipgrid QR code and turn your Shorts video into a #FlipgridAR experience!

Welcome a simpler, smarter, #StudentVoice-infused experience.

With just one code, your community enters your supportive, empowering, social-learning space. Your Pinned Topic is now the homepage of the Grid with the inspiring prompt, responses from peers, and a green plus camera button at the ready. The new Flipgrid Topic menu makes navigating between your Topics a breeze.


All Flipgrid response videos are now automatically transcribed and close-captioned by Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Immersive Reader can be launched on every Flipgrid Topic and video transcript!

Less clicking, more sharing!

The heart and magic of Flipgrid is #StudentVoice - the incredible ideas, projects, reflections, and more from your incredible scholars. When improving and refining the Educator Admin dashboard, we focused on simplicity over complexity. Creation, navigation, and management is even more powerful and easier with batch actions, the ability to rearrange Topics and video responses, all-new Badge designs, and more!

We are #BetterTogether!

We’re all here to engage, empower, and amplify! In addition to making connections with your fellow educators around the world via #GridPals even easier, we are proud to partner with several of our edtech friends throughout the Flipgrid ecosystem in the supercharged Flipgrid Disco Library:


  • Discover and use more than 8,000 inspiring educator-created Topics.

  • Explore the trending #FlipgridWeekly30 list of Topics with the most engagement and usage from classrooms around the world.

  • Add Topics to your My Favs Playlist to use at a later time. You can also share a direct link to your curated My Favs Playlist with your global Flipgrid educators.

  • Dive into exclusive new Disco Library Partner Playlists with 100s of Topics from our awesome friends at Code.org, Find Your Grind, MSN Kids, Wonderopolis, Nearpod, Skype in the Classroom, Capstone, Microsoft Hacking STEM, and Flocabulary. We will be adding new Partner Playlists this fall … so stay tuned!

  • Cheer for and explore Topics from your fellow Flipgrid educators as their unique Disco Library Playlists are featured twice a month!

The Magic of #FlipgridAR

Family is everything! We know that your learning community extends far beyond the walls of your classroom and even your school building. With MixTapes, we love seeing the incredible ways you welcome families and friends into your Grids. Earlier this summer we released FlipgridAR, a new way to empower student voice by sticking it on … everything! Simply print out a Flipgrid QR code for a single video or export QR codes for all student responses in your Topic. Then, stick the QR code in your environment or on any object, scan it with the Flipgrid iOS or Android app, and … MAGIC!


With FlipgridAR you can transform family nights, homework, school events, book reviews, Science Fairs, student art galleries, language classrooms, the outside of your classroom door (for educator intros!), and the entire school. We can’t wait to see how you use FlipgridAR with your communities!

All of these updates are now live! Log in to your Educator Admin and have your community update their Flipgrid apps. As we hinted at FlipgridLIVE this past June, we have even more coming this fall and will continue improving Flipgrid on an ongoing basis with your feedback and ideas.


On behalf of all of Team Flipgrid, thank you!


P.S. Once you get a chance to explore the all-new Flipgrid, we'd love to hear your feedback: leave a review on the App Store or Google Play Store!