Flipgrid Feature Updates and Ways to Use them

Flipgrid is inspired by and created with YOU! Thank you for constantly sharing your stories, feedback, and ideas. Together we build an even more inclusive, simple, flexible, safe, and creative experience for all!

August 2021


  • Backdrops: Flipgrid community members can now use a set of backgrounds or add their own image or video (web only) to bring even more creativity to Flipgrid.
  • Music: We’ve added 30+ instrumental tracks to Flipgrid for community members to add music to their responses.
  • Mobile Updates: Educators can now add topics and leave feedback directly on their mobile devices. Students can also navigate between multiple groups on mobile devices much more seamlessly!
  • GIFs on Desktop: We are bringing GIFs to the web! Community members can now add GIFs to their responses directly from their laptops.


March 2021

  • 16 New Camera Filters: We’ve added over a dozen new and colorful filters to the Flipgrid camera!
  • Edit Comments: Teachers and students no longer have to delete and rewrite comments, they can simply edit them on mobile and web.
  • Bitmoji Topic Media: Flipgrid and Bitmoji have teamed up so you can personalize your profile with a Bitmoji avatar and add Bitmoji as a Topic Media.

February 2021

December 2020

  • Google Classroom Roster: Launching Dec 21, you can sync Google Classroom rosters to Flipgrid discussions, making student access easier than ever!
  • Mic Only mode: Whether your learners are working on a podcast or simply want their camera off, students can now record a video using only audio while still accessing the full Flipgrid suite of creative boards, frames, stickers, and emojis!

November 2020

  • Shorts Updates: Add a title to any new or existing Shorts video, search your Shorts Library, quickly copy a link to your Shorts video.
  • Student List Batch Action: Now you can batch action any individual student’s videos within the Students Tab in the Flipgrid Admin.
  • Timestamps: Now add a timestamp in a Text Comment for a Video Response or for a Flipgrid Topic Focus video in the Topic Description

October 2020

September 2020

August 2020

The All-New Flipgrid


  • New Boards: chalkboard, dotted paper, grid paper, lined paper, galaxy, rainbow, and cotton candy

  • Split-Screen Boards: drag the board across your screen to record your board on one side and your video on the other

  • New Creative Fonts: eight new fun fonts to help your learners express their creativity

  • New Filters: rainbow, lemon-lime, seafoam, old town, rocket, mermaid, grayscale, black and white, pixel, block, and ninjacat

  • New Frames: neon, stars, paint, boke, photo frame, news, floral, and jungle, ocean, and unicorn courtesy of our friends at Microsoft Education

  • Stickers: math, equality, onomatopoeia, speech bubbles, ASL, and Giphy

  • Topic: viewing and responding to Topics is easier than ever and videos now have more space on the screen

  • Video Player: when you click into a video, a new modern design will put student voice front-and-center, and you can now also see which video is “up next”

  • Stand-Alone Topics: create your discussion prompt, choose how your community will access, and share

  • Single Email Access: when inviting your community to join your Flipgrid Topic, you can now grant access to specific emails, making the invite to guests and family members a breeze

  • Adobe Spark Integration: we partnered with our friends at Adobe to make Spark videos play right inside your Flipgrid Topics

  • Groups: we still have Grids, now they’re called “Groups” - Groups allow your learners to access multiple Topics with a single code; your existing Grids are now listed as Groups and you can still be able to access Flipgrid like you always by creating a Group then adding Topics

  • Video Quickview: reviewing, editing, sharing, replying, and editing captions from your Educator Dashboard is easier than ever

  • Collections: collections are groups of Flipgrid Topic templates - now every educator can create and share Collections with colleagues

  • Featured Topics: we are now spotlighting a Topic of the Day to jumpstart engagement with your class and a new Wonder of the Day in partnership with our friends at Wonderopolis

  • Partner Pages: the new Partner Pages contain all the information you need on each Flipgrid partner, such as their website and social accounts as well as all their Discovery Library Topics and Collections

April 2020

  • Screen Recording in Flipgrid: educators and learners can now record their screen using the Flipgrid camera

  • 10-minute Video Responses: we have doubled the max length of Flipgrid videos - in your Topic settings, you can now adjust the response time limit to as short as 15 seconds or as long as 10 minutes

  • Updated Feedback in Flipgrid: when providing feedback to learners, educators can now set custom criteria and scoring from 0-100

March 2020

  • Audio Over Flipgrid Videos: play music from your phone while recording a Flipgrid video on our iOS and Android apps

  • All Emojis for Topic Media: access the full emoji library AND our Flipgrid custom stickers when choosing your Topic media

  • Create and Share MixTapes: check the box next to any Flipgrid video across your Topics to easily add them to a view-only, shareable MixTape - perfect for student portfolios, semester highlights, family night memories, and so much more

  • Buncee Topic Focus: select Buncee creations as your Topic media

  • Video Notifications: change your video email notifications to be either weekly or daily

February 2020

  • Educator Mode on the Flipgrid Mobile Apps: manage your Flipgrid Topics while you’re on the go by activating Educator Mode on the Flipgrid mobile app

  • Easier Flipgrid QR Codes: pick and choose which QR codes you want for your #FlipgridAR display by selecting multiple video Responses then click “Print QR Codes”

  • Flipgrid on Edge: Flipgrid works great on any device and now is better than ever on the all-new Microsoft Edge

  • Librarian in Disco Lib: filter by “Librarian” in the Discovery Library to discover launch-ready Topics to share with your learners

January 2020

  • Edit Captions: edit the captions on any Flipgrid video

  • Community Builder Badges: we know that many of you share Flipgrid with your peers at PD events, conferences, EdCamps, and in the break room - today we unveiled a new set of badges - the Community Builder Badges - to recognize your amazing support of the Flipgrid educator community

  • New Camera Design: the Flipgrid camera has been updated to make the experience even easier for your learners to use images, inking, whiteboard, and all the Flipgrid camera features they know and love as they share their voice

  • Immersive Reader Everywhere: Microsoft’s Immersive Reader helps learners read and comprehend text in Flipgrid - over the past two months we have added the Immersive Reader to several areas of Flipgrid, including student Feedback and your Educator Admin

  • Updates to Flipgrid AR: Flipgrid AR is a magical way to “stick” your students’ Flipgrid videos anywhere in your physical environment - Flipgrid AR videos load faster and are more accessible

  • Supercharged Replies: student-to-student replies in Flipgrid are better than ever - when your learners reply to their peers’ videos they can add Titles and Attachments and you as the educator can leave Feedback