You Asked, We Listened: November, 2019

Every Flipgrid update is sparked from ideas shared by educators in the #FlipgridFever community. We built…


  • FlipgridAR because you wanted to amplify #StudentVoice EVERYWHERE.
  • MixTapes because you wanted to share view-only collections of videos.
  • Shorts because you wanted to use the Flipgrid camera to introduce lessons and send messages to families.


We are always listening. In November we announced SIX updates based on your amazing ideas and feedback! New to Flipgrid? See how to get started.

1. Sort Student Responses

Catching up on your class Flipgrid videos is easier than ever. Just tap the Name column in your Educator Admin to sort by last name. We also added Feedback scores to this view.


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2. Record Without Audio

There are times when background noise can be a distraction. Whether your students are learning American Sign Language or explaining a math problem in Whiteboard-mode, simply tap the three dots to record without audio.


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3. Immersive Reader in Feedback

Now when you provide Feedback to your students' Flipgrid videos, they can launch Immersive Reader, a Microsoft Learning Tool that helps learners read and comprehend by adding line focus, picture dictionary, translator, and more!


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4. Playback Speed

Adjust the playback speed of any Flipgrid video: speed things up or slow the video down! Trying to get through 25 student videos? Speed things up! Checking language fluency? Slow things down!


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5. Rainbow Pen

Add a little sunshine and happiness to your Flipgrid videos with Rainbow Pen, now live in the Flipgrid Android and iOS apps.


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6. New Tools to Kickstart the Conversation

Every new Grid you create comes with a simple Topic to introduce your community of learners to Flipgrid. Additionally, you can now get the conversation started by recording as a student right from your Educator Admin!


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Thank you for your ideas and feedback. We are always working to make Flipgrid even better for you and your learners! If you want to share these updates with your peers, please share this tweet and stay in touch. We love to hear from you!


Team Flipgrid