Meet Flip Certified Trainers!

Check out this awesome cohort of Flip Certified Trainers!

If you are looking for professional learning experiences, these folks are more than able to help your community take new steps in getting started with Flip, as well as explore outside the box ideas to empower every voice. Feel free to click on the Contact Me button if you wish to connect further with a specific Trainer!

Jen Giffen, Toronto, Canada

As a teacher librarian, I love to use Flip in innovative ways to showcase students talents and ideas within and beyond subject areas. Flip allows me to see the students beyond the traditional classroom space.

Tim Galles, Wyoming, USA

Tim has been a longtime user of Flip ever since they used to give away the premium version for MIEEs. Being a tech integration specialist, he uses Flip across grade levels and all subject areas!

Raymond Mitchel Africa, Xiamen, China

I have been a Student Voice ambassador since 2017. I have been engaging with various conventions and conferences to talk about the power of Flip in the classroom.

Angels Soriano Sanchez, Valencia, Spain

I am a language teacher at Martí Sorolla II (Valencia, Spain) and I am a Global Learning trainer. Flip will help you empower your high school students, University courses and your teaching staff.

Andy Knueven, Indiana, USA

I have been a Flip user since 2017 with a background in middle school math and science. I’m a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) and Minecraft Mentor, while my school district utilizes Canvas as an LMS. Being creative across all tools is my passion.

Stacey Roshan, Maryland, USA

I am a Director of Innovation & Educational Technology and author of Tech with Heart. I regularly work with teachers K-12 on integrating Flip into their classroom across all subjects, but as an AP Calculus teacher, working with math teachers is always a special treat!

Reid McLain, Seoul, South Korea

In my practice, Flip has been a game-changer giving opportunities that were impractical before. Integrating the possibilities with this tool in higher education learning allows students to be heard, no matter how many are in the class.

Holly Holland, Florida, USA

I love Flip for large and small projects. I have supported large district initiatives such as K- 12 STEM Fair, classroom literacy projects such as grade level Book Clubs, and empowering learners to share their voice through their Minecraft lessons.

Anna Dyagileva-Tkachuk, Russia

I'm a Student Voice Ambassador, Flip Certified Level 3 and the 1st Flip Certified Trainer in Russia. I'm also one of the Inspiring Creators on Flip. I love creating topics that support language learning content and global collaboration projects.

Supriya Shivgunde, Solapur, India

I'm an elementary school teacher passionate to using Flip for my Mathematics and Language classroom. My students always been super excited to use Flip camera to share their voices. Flip has always been there to help my school to continue education, even from home.

Kammas Kersch, Delaware, USA

I've been using Flip for years to support learning in and out of the classroom! I love thinking outside of the box about how student voice empowers learners, capturing science experiments to building course catalogues to reflecting on nonverbal communication.

Jennifer Mahin, Kansas, USA

I'm a technology integration specialist and a STEM teacher. I started using Flip as a 5th-grade teacher in 2018, now I'm a STEM teacher using Flip with every student in our school. I love how Flip empowers my students of any age to share their creativity and their voice in any subject area!

Michael Kimber, Broadclyst, England

There are two directions I particularly love to take Flip. First, helping educators and learners to capture practical activities and reflect on what they can learn from the evidence they’ve collected, and encouraging deeper discussion and unpicking of topics like books, the ‘big questions’ and current issues.

Christine McKee, Alberta, Canada

My expertise is in training teachers on best practices for integrating Flip into all subject areas for student demonstration of learning, teacher created mini-lessons, as well as to build social and emotional skills in the classroom and beyond! I am also a trainer of trainers, empowering fellow educators to step into leadership roles to train and support colleagues with all things Flip!

Chris Gerrard, Glasgow, Scotland

I am a Digital Learning Consultant and Flip Student Voice Ambassador, Grid Guide, Accessibility and Inclusive Design Advisory Board Member and now a Flip Certified Trainer. I am hugely passionate about making learning accessible to all learners and has used Flip extensively both as an educator and tech coach and out with the classroom as a Scout Leader.

Dr. Michael Harvey, New Zealand

I am also an MIE Expert, Flip Global ambassador and trainer, Wakelet Ambassador, Apple Teacher and Level 2 Google educator. My educational research interests are the use of digital animations and video feedback and feed forward to enhance student understanding of complex abstract scientific concepts and linking this to cognitive psychology and global collaborations.

Jennifer Saarinen, Rhode Island, USA

Student voice is power! I share my enthusiasm for Flip all the time, but that enthusiasm grows exponentially when my students are talking about math!

Lanny Watkins, Wales, UK

Tim has been a longtime user of Flip ever since they used to give away the premium version for MIEEs. Being a tech integration specialist, he uses Flip across grade levels and all subject areas!

Sean Forde, Songdo, South Korea

Hi, I’m Sean!
I'm an Elementary EdTech Coach at Chadwick International. Let's break down some walls, fail together, and build some magical collaboration projects!

Joe Marquez, California, USA

I am an educator, technology leader and the Director of Academic Innovation for CUE. My innovative spirit, outgoing attitude and outrageous personality have earned me the coveted titles of Certified Google Innovator, Certified Google Trainer, Common Sense Ambassador, Apple Teacher, Flip Student Voice Ambassador and Microsoft Innovative Educator.