Celebrating Dyslexic Thinking and Neurodiversity

Published April 13, 2022


Flipgrid is built for social learning, the simple idea that learning is more fun and more engaging when it’s a shared and collaborative experience amongst a community. When we learn together — as peers — each with a unique perspective on the world, the experience is innately richer and more fulfilling.


This is also true in the workplace, where diverse thinkers can help bring new ideas and perspectives to the table and make our products and projects more inclusive, accessible, and impactful. 


Last week’s announcement that #DyslexicThinking will be recognized as a vital skill on LinkedIn is an exciting step in changing long-held misperceptions and celebrating the power of neurodiversity. Some of the world’s greatest creativity and innovation has come from Dyslexic thinkers, and in our mission to empower every voice, we are proud to see this skill finally celebrated among employers and job seekers alike. 


On Team Flipgrid, we have a deep respect for Kate Griggs and the amazing team at Made by Dyslexia who have worked tirelessly to redefine Dyslexia, and we applaud you for your advocacy and commitment to helping the world better understand the many gifts of Dyslexic thinkers.


If you would like to learn more about Dyslexia, be sure to check out the amazing resources available from Made by Dyslexia in our Discovery Library.